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The Unavoidable Truth: Why Online Review Management Is Vital for Businesses

Updated: Apr 4

Online reviews matter — even the fake ones. Studies show that 93% of shoppers read online reviews before they make buying decisions. Most of them trust what they read. Brands that want to get ahead online need to be diligent about asking their customers to leave reviews — but also to keep any fake reviews far away from your name.

That’s where online review management comes in.

What is Online Review Management?

Online review management is a process that businesses use to keep track of and respond to online reviews. This can include reviews on websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Maps, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

By monitoring online reviews, businesses can identify any negative sentiment early on and address it quickly and professionally. Additionally, responding to online reviews can help improve a business's online reputation and encourage more people to leave positive feedback.

Why Online Review Management Matters

Overall, online review management is an important tool for businesses to help them maintain a positive online reputation. It makes it easier to keep track of what people are saying about their company and products online. It also gives them the opportunity to spot bad or fake reviews that might damage their brand and prevent customers from buying.

Additionally, online review management can help businesses learn what customers like and don’t like about their products and make changes accordingly. Using an online review management platform, like Alchemy Effect, can help you keep tabs on all your online reviews so you can take instant action.

How Review Management Platforms Work

Review management platforms scour the web in search of online reviews about your brand or products. When a customer leaves a review anywhere online, your online review management service or platform will alert you so you can take the next steps.

Instead of tracking reviews by each location, you can log into your review management platform and see all your reviews at a glance. Read and respond to reviews, share your best reviews on Facebook or Twitter, and make it easy for customers to leave you a review.

With Alchemy Effect, you can also remind your customers to leave reviews. We prompt them with friendly reminders to help you increase the number of reviews your customers see.

Our platform also helps you stop bad reviews in their tracks BEFORE they’re published. This gives you an opportunity to get client feedback in private and make the situation right before a bad review can damage your brand.

How to Choose a Review Management Platform

Online review management platforms can help you grow your reputation. But they each work a little differently. We suggest you start by thinking about the value your online reviews bring to your business. Then, choose a platform that can help you maximize that value in impactful ways.

At Alchemy Effect, our intuitive interface and comprehensive features help you save time and collect more real reviews than ever before. Request a free report today!

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